Practicing a sport is recommended by doctors in order to stay healthy. Instead of playing football or basketball, why not opt for a sport where thrills are mixed with pleasure? This is landkiting.

Presentation of the landkite

Landkite is an English word for land traction sports, like kite-buggy and kite mountainboard. These disciplines were born almost at the same time as kitesurfing. But unlike kitesurfing, they are practiced on land and with a traction kite. On the other hand, instead of the traditional kite board, a Mountainboard (MTB) is used. This is a board with 3 or 4 wheels that allows you to ride at high speed on the sand of the beaches or down the slopes of the mountains. This explains the name "kite mountainboard" or "landkite".

Guaranteed thrills

Landkiting is primarily for adventurers and thrill seekers. Indeed, it can be practiced both on the seaside and inland, using the force of the wind to move forward. This discipline requires a board and boxed wings with a wingspan of up to 19 square metres. You will also need a harness and helmet, as safety is paramount when riding at high speed on beaches, country grass or mountain slopes. This sport is accessible to everyone, even children, under adult supervision of course.

The different variants of landkiting

Even if it derives from kitesurfing, landkiting is now starting to gather more and more adepts. Various variants of this discipline are developing, as the equipment improves and the riders' desires grow. These include freestyle, which has become very popular. The aim is to perform as many tricks as possible, whether "new school" or "old school". Then you have freeriding, where the goal is to have fun and play with the environment. Finally, there is the race or long distance. This formula is quite similar to the competition in the kite tank universe. The mountainboarders start from point A to arrive at point B through a number of intermediate points.