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Introducing Spikeball : A Fun New Take on 2-on-2 Volleyball

Spikeball is a great new game that combines the best elements of volleyball, foursquare and other popular games. It’s a two-on-two game that you can play indoors and outdoors, with teams of two working together to keep the ball off…

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Dominican Republic

Does Dominican Republic have good surfing?

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation located on the island of Hispaniola. The island is famous for its beaches, resorts and golf clubs. Surfing Dominican Republic is the finest vacation one can have. Visit to have a fantastic…

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FootLivezone and SoccerLivezone

Animated league table evolution round per round for Football or Soccer

Have you ever wanted to see what was the standings at the beginning of the season ? How my favorite team struggled 1 week ago, or 1 month ago ? Yes it’s part of football, we support then we don’t ever forget…

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Stand up paddle: why this new sliding sport is so much in vogue!

Many people take advantage of their holidays to indulge in all kinds of board sports to get the most out of their thrills. However, in recent years, more and more people have been tempted by the calmer side of stand…

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Zoom on the Kite in the mountains: the Snowkite

Snowkiting is the counterpart of the flying board in winter sports. It consists of sliding with a snowboard or skis pulled by a traction kite. Snowkiting has the same techniques as kitesurfing. It uses a large part of the kitesurfing…

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The Kite for the adventurers : the Landkite

Practicing a sport is recommended by doctors in order to stay healthy. Instead of playing football or basketball, why not opt for a sport where thrills are mixed with pleasure? This is landkiting. Presentation of the landkite Landkite is an…

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Favourite: Kitesurfing, this new sport accessible to all!

Are you a fan of water sports and thrills? You will surely love kiteboarding. It is an outdoor sport that will provide you with many benefits. But what is it? What equipment is required? And where to find some? What…

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Kite flying; sport or leisure?

The kite, also called other times flying snake, is a flying object without a passenger maneuvered with the help of a few wires by an individual attached to the ground. It is made from a canvas and stiff structures. Initially…

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The acrobatic kite: what does it consist of?

The history of the kite generally began in the 70s. Since the appearance of the acrobatic kite, the number of children and adults who are interested in this practice has changed a lot. Piloting an acrobatic kite: a real competition…

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