The history of the kite generally began in the 70s. Since the appearance of the acrobatic kite, the number of children and adults who are interested in this practice has changed a lot.

Piloting an acrobatic kite: a real competition

To fly the acrobatic kite, you will have to stand with your back to the canopy. In general, when the kite is placed in the wind axis, the traction on the line becomes greater with the speed. The pilot will then stand with his back to the wind to get the kite off the ground by unrolling the line. In fact, acrobatic kite flying is practiced in competition. Thus, the pilot will have to learn the different disciplines, starting with freestyle, a physically demanding discipline. The freestyle includes several figures to perform, namely Turtle, Backspin, Yoyo, fade, lazy Susan, Pancake, etc.. Some tricks require dynamic and coordinated movements. Another discipline, which is precision, has the nature of performing codified tricks. Without forgetting ballet, which can be performed solo or in groups. This discipline consists of interpreting a sound following a choreography that incorporates different types of figures. Those who wish to succeed in mastering the piloting of an acrobatic kite can be advised by an acrobatic kite specialist.

The different types of stunt kite

Overall, you have the choice between the 2-line kite and the 4-line kite. For the first one, the pilot can turn his kite by pulling on the right or left wire. For the second one, you will have to do on a slant of the wrists. On the other hand, the pilot can play on the pitch setting to hover in any position. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, you can always call on an acrobatic kite specialist.

How to get an acrobatic kite?

Whether you want a quality stunt kite or want to learn how to fly a kite properly, the best thing to do is to confide in a stunt kite specialist. The professional can offer you a two-line or four-line acrobatic kite and at the same time train you for an exceptional pilot. Please note that you can get this service in one click.