Many people take advantage of their holidays to indulge in all kinds of board sports to get the most out of their thrills. However, in recent years, more and more people have been tempted by the calmer side of stand up paddle. This trendy sport has many assets, hence the craze.

A fun sport accessible to all

While most board sports are reserved for the most daring, Stand Up Paddle is a discipline for everyone. Men, women and children are free to practice it, according to their desires. Moreover, there is no need to wait until the holidays to do it. Stand up paddle can be practiced where there is just a little water. You can even do it in a swimming pool, as long as you have the necessary devices. But, the stand up paddle is also a way to discover the coasts and landscapes of the open sea, for those who stay by the sea.

Stand up paddle: an activity for body and mind

Stand up paddle is a complete sporting discipline, good for both body and mind. There is nothing better to relax and recharge your batteries than walking at your own pace on calm waters. Whether practised with the family or in a group, stand up paddle is a very enjoyable experience. It brings a real well-being to the mind. Many do not hesitate to practice yoga or other meditation techniques on their board. On the water, you tend to concentrate and let go more easily. However, stand up paddle is above all a sport that allows you to work your muscles and sculpt your body. It is a safe sport.

How to do stand up paddle: how?

Stand up paddle only requires simple equipment. All you have to do is put on your wetsuit or swimsuit and bring a board and a paddle. You also need to use a leash to connect the board to your foot to avoid losing it if you fall into the water. To get started, you can call on a professional instructor. The technique of stand up paddle is acquired very quickly, because this sport is much less technical than other sliding activities, although it requires a perfect balance. To practice it, however, you must be able to swim well, especially if you venture into fairly deep water.