Sports & Ecotourism

What do we call sports tourism these days?

Tourism and sport are activities that adapt perfectly to the expectations and changes in society. From now on, sport tourism is democratized. It refers to a trip with the aim of practising a sporting activity. What you need to know…

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Tourism: the great boom in water sports

It is not only foreign tourists who love to practice water sports. More and more national holidaymakers are enjoying themselves on the lakes and coastlines. It is therefore useful to look at the reasons for this success, which has been…

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Why is sports tourism associated with green tourism and sustainability?

Today, many people group tourism with sport. It is a very beneficial solution for health, but it also allows to enhance the value of nature. It is also an opportunity for those who wish to keep their figure and not…

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The sporting assets of the mountain outside the winter season

Mountains aren’t just for winter. You can also do the route out of season. If you want to spend your holidays or to enjoy the sensations of extreme sports, the mountains are there to satisfy you. Mountain activities in summer,…

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Zoom on a family phenomenon: the tree hook!

Adventure in the heart of nature in its own right and totally safe, the family leisure tree climbing offers adventurers moments of thrills, memorable moments for children and adults alike. However, for a first successful experience, the ideal is to…

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