Adventure in the heart of nature in its own right and totally safe, the family leisure tree climbing offers adventurers moments of thrills, memorable moments for children and adults alike. However, for a first successful experience, the ideal is to gather a maximum of knowledge about this fun and friendly leisure activity.

Awakening the instincts of great adventurers

To put yourself in the shoes of a great adventurer at least once in your life, try the family hobby tree. If you have dreamed since childhood of growing up, of climbing from tree to tree, this activity offers you the possibilities to make it happen. Everyone can treat themselves to an intense moment by instinctively jumping off the Tyrolean traverse which then takes you back 4 metres down. In a word, it has everything you need to guarantee a good dose of adrenaline during your family holiday. The cream of the crop, you can share these moments with your children at any time, and this by taking the Tyrolean traverse at the same time as them. This allows you to imitate the famous adventurer Indiana Jones and them the famous Tarzan adventure.

Tree climbing, an activity in the heart of nature

The accrobranche loisirs famille in the middle of the forest is an excellent setting that allows you to live adventures close to nature. With this kind of activity, you can evolve in the open air, in the heart of the big trees, inside a natural amusement park. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy life in the great outdoors by jumping from tree to tree and rubbing shoulders with the treetops.

A completely safe fun activity

Looking at them from below, the tall trees, the net cages, the Tibetan bridges and the footbridges look impressive. As a result, you and your children will be reluctant to take the plunge. Rest assured, the entire attraction is completely safe down to the last detail. Indeed, from the starting point to the bottom, nothing is left to chance, with the one and only objective of guaranteeing the protection and safety of all adventurers, children, youngsters and adults. Before you set off for the big jump, the website teams take the time to equip you with all the necessary equipment to cross the trees and arrive safely at the bottom. Likewise, the supervisors are ready to intervene at any time in case of difficulty or potential danger.