Mountains aren't just for winter. You can also do the route out of season. If you want to spend your holidays or to enjoy the sensations of extreme sports, the mountains are there to satisfy you.

Mountain activities in summer, fresh air and well-being

In summer, Avantages montagne hiver offers the possibility to practice many activities. Ski slopes turn into mountain bike trails, the ski lifts in the area to get to the top of the slopes, but all this for what purpose? It's well known, mountain sports allow you to take a big breath of fresh air. Fresh air for the lungs. Such happiness just at the idea of breathing the fresh air from the heights. Our body benefits from it. All the more so as top sportsmen and women have understood this during the preparation courses at altitude. In short, taking advantage of the mountains is highly recommended for your health.

Mountains, a lot of landscape to explore

If you didn't know it, a mountain allows us to have a panoramic view. Peaks as far as the eye can see, some wide open spaces and, of course, natural light, in other words, it offers an extraordinary setting to experience intense sensations whether you are alone or with family or friends. In other words, it offers an extraordinary setting for intense sensations whether you are alone or with family or friends... Especially as you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, snowshoeing, sledging, dog sledding... all you have to do is choose your programme.

The best professional facilities, enough to enjoy the mountains.

Nowadays, there are now sports complexes in mountain resorts. These offer the best in swimming pools or weight rooms and why not fitness rooms. This is a great place for extreme sports training sessions. All the more so as some sports centres even have hypoxic rooms which give a "boost" to the physiological effect of the sportsmen's bodies. This makes it possible to have intensive and very advanced training sessions just like champions. And by the way, it is also possible to work with sports coaches to ensure and provide you with a whole guide complex during the practical training courses, and finally, it is also possible to combine intense sports activities with recreational activities in the mountains in summer such as mountain biking and hiking. This is the perfect way to enjoy the mountains in summer, combining sport and pleasure.