The use of fins is seducing more and more people during swimming sessions. Moreover, this device allows you to better work the muscles of the lower body. But what are its benefits? And what type of fin is best suited to your morphology?

What are the benefits of swimming with fins?

Swimming with flippers has many benefits for both your body and your health. Indeed, with this type of device, it is easier to swim and to progress quickly. In addition, it makes the lower body work harder: the buttocks, thighs, calves and even your lower back. You get tired less quickly, even when you swim long distances. On the health side, swimming with flippers puts less strain on the heart, helps fight cellulite, improves blood circulation and increases lymphatic drainage. In addition, energy expenditure is optimal. Finally, the fin allows you to have a better glide and to perfect your ripples. In short, the benefits of swimming with fins are not negligible, so why deprive yourself of them? Beware! Fins are not always allowed in swimming pools. It's better to ask the lifeguard's opinion.

But what type of flippers to choose?

Several criteria must be taken into account when choosing your fin. A priori, choose a shoe (into which your foot will slip) adapted to your foot, neither too big nor too small. You have two possibilities: a slip-on fin that fits your foot or an adjustable fin that should be worn with a neoprene slipper. As for the length, the short fin (less than 15 cm) is the perfect choice for water hiking and swimming in a pool, while the long fin is best suited for diving and snorkeling. Regarding the canopy, the soft fins are easy to use. They are more fun because they are less strenuous on the muscles.

Some tips!

Since your body is not yet used to extra effort, at the beginning, take very short fins. They require less effort. Then, don't skip the warm-up before each session to reduce the risk of aches and pains, just like before doing any type of sport. And finish the session with a stretch of about 15 minutes to recover quickly. And don't forget to drink enough water before and after the sessions.