In order to start kitesurfing, you will need to equip yourself with the right equipment. But, it is not always easy and obvious to choose the right equipment to practice this gliding sport. Here are a few tips to help you complete your perfect kiteboarding outfit with ease.

The kite: a key element in kiteboarding

The choice of a kitesurfing kite is essential to practice this sport well. You can find different models on the market, especially in shops specialized in board sports. When you are a beginner, it is better to avoid kites intended for freestyle. Prefer hybrid models, with the specificities of both flat and c-shapes kites. This will give you better performance and help you progress more quickly.

Choosing the right kitesurfing board

The choice of a kitesurf board will closely depend on the kite you plan to buy. So, if you buy a fast kite, choose a fast board in parallel and vice versa. Otherwise, it will affect your performance and power. If you are not sure, ask your salesperson or a pro for advice so that you don't make a mistake. You will have the choice between boards designed for freestyle, freeride, surfing, etc. However, to start this sport, it's better to bet on an all-terrain board, such as a twin-tip model for example. In general, your kitesurf board should be long enough to give you good lift and stability. You will be able to move towards a shorter board once you have gained more expertise. In order to choose the right size for your board, you will have to base your choice on your weight.

Between new and used: which one to choose?

Of course, if you can afford it, don't hesitate to invest in new, top quality kitesurfing equipment from leading brands. But, if your budget does not allow you to do so, you will necessarily have to go for second-hand kitesurfing equipment. In this case too, always choose to go to a specialised kiteshop. Besides, with a good maintenance, your equipment will have a fairly good life span. It is also possible to buy new equipment at a good price, simply by looking at models from the past seasons.