Kite-flying is also a highly competitive sport

Before mastering or designing a kite, one must know the ownership of this recreational equipment. The kite is equipped with several lines. These wires are connected to the flying object to simplify its operation. In order for it to rise into the sky, the device needs wind. The kite is steered from the ground and the secret to flying it is to have a light enough device and enough wind.

To get a kite, you can check professional websites. These websites present in their catalogs, several models of kite: attraction, acrobatic and children’s models. A website selling online competition accessories also sells various useful accessories to simplify the handling of the device.

Leisure outdoor activities 

Combining sport and exploring nature: what activities to choose?


Water sports/ Canoeing

It is an activity that can be practiced in competition or for pleasure. It is practiced on boats propelled by paddles.

Mountain sports/ Climbing

The objective is to reach the top of a rock face, a climbing wall. The difficulty is to reach the summit as quickly as possible.

Cyclo-cross bicycle

The cyclo-cross circuit is usually composed of dirt, a little snowy, sand and asphalt roads. More information on

Adapted sports equipment

Before starting a sport, it is crucial to choose the right outfit and equipment. By going to a specialized sports store or for instance a camping shop, you can get comfortable clothing adapted to the leisure you practice. Wear leggings to be able to perform wide movements and different figures. This outfit is ideal for yogis or those who want to do fitness exercises.

Sport & nature holidays: outdoor activities

Practice sports in a fabulous outdoor setting!

Sports holidays in nature allow you to go on mountain bike rides or walks. This expedition is an opportunity to evolve in exceptional places. Depending on your level of experience, you can enjoy these walks alone or accompanied by a professional. The nature and sport holidays allow you to travel by canoe, to train for windsurfing, surfing… Lovers of a change of scenery can also go paragliding or diving.

Sports tourism & thrills: top 3 activities to try out

A weekend on the golf courts

Enjoy a trip to 9 or 18 hole golf courses!

A relaxing weekend on the theme of golf is an opportunity to train to improve your swing in optimal conditions.

A driving course

A driving course

Learn how to drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari!

The principle of the driving course is to allow the trainees to learn how to control a sports car on the circuit. The transfer is done in a supervised way. The apprentice-driver is accompanied by a seasoned instructor in order to train well.

A canyon descent

The descent of a canyon is an activity rich in thrills. This little adventure allows you to overcome certain obstacles thanks to different techniques such as the Tyrolean traverse, water slides and walking. The activity is an excellent way to spend good times with friends or family.

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